Best Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Investment Platform in India

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Nov 18, 2022
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    Commercial real estate investment platform

    Did you know, commercial real estate is a hard asset that will only appreciate with time? Investing in commercial real estate can generate a new source of cash flow and in turn, diversify your investment portfolio. This is a non-market-linked investment where individual investors can earn from pre-leased commercial properties as fractional investors. 

    Young investors looking for ways to grow their investments can make the most of this democratised investment model and ensure that funds flow consistently in their investments.

    Grip is one of India’s premium CRE platforms and also one of the best alternative investment opportunity aggregators in India that offer excellent portfolio diversification, great returns, and a strong hold on non-market-linked assets.

    Why Must You Invest In Commercial Real Estate?

    Commercial real estate is an alternative investment asset that offers consistent returns generating multiple income streams. Commercial assets like shops, offices, warehouses, etc., are safe investments that offer recurring rental revenue.

    In a multi-family and an industrial real estate, there is always an opportunity for consistent cash flow. Additionally, the rent in commercial real estate will always increase with time. Hence, out of all the other alternative investment options in India, commercial real estate is a lucrative investment option.

    Some of the benefits of investing in commercial real estate include:

    1.  Commercial Real Estate Investment Offers A Stable Cash Flow

    When compared with shares, bonds, and other stocks, commercial real estate offers stable income. In addition, income from commercial real estate is not affected by market fluctuations. 

    2. Commercial Real Estate Helps You Create A Sizeable Equity

    Commercial real estate generates high returns on equity. The chances of equity appreciating further are higher in this investment.

    3. Commercial Real Estate Appreciates Well With Time

    Proper management and timely maintenance can help enhance the value of commercial real estate. Also, it is a fact that the rate of the property only appreciates with time.

    4.  Commercial Real Estate Is A Safe And Secure Investment

    Commercial real estate is termed as a hard asset because both the property and the land have their value. Thus, investing in a property that is located at a busy location will normally boost its value with time.

    5.  Commercial Real Estate Is Easy To Leverage

    With Lease Rental Discounting (LRD), property owners get leverage to buy pre-leased/pre-rented commercial properties. LRD is a term loan generally offered by banks at an interest rate of 7% to 9%. 

    Why Choose Grip?

    Buying commercial real estate is a high-ticket investment that involves grave concerns. Looking for a high profit-generating property in a good location is the key to making profits. Several documents for acquiring a property add further distress. 

    The best part is, you no longer need to go through investing a lump sum of your funds in commercial real estate when you can choose to invest through a trusted CRE platform. 

    Grip, in partnership with Strata, is one of the premium investment platforms in India. It is a one-stop destination for all your commercial real estate needs. With Grip, customers can invest in commercial real estate with a minimum investment value of just ?1,00,000. 

    Grip also ensures that customers investing in commercial real estate can buy, sell, lease, or rent with minimum documentation easing the hassle. In addition, Grip follows a rigorous deal discovery mechanism involving due diligence to select the ideal property for investors.

    How Does Grip Enable Commercial Property At A Low Ticket Size?

    Grip enables equity investment in its special purpose vehicles (SPVs). The SPV holds commercial properties (office, retail, and warehousing properties) across metropolitan areas. Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) a partner of Grip enables these investments in SPVs, raising the funds separately, AIFs invest in SPVs assuring investors that the invested funds are used in commercial real estate investments in the SPV holding.


    Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is one of the most beneficial alternative investments today. Property rates will only appreciate with time, the reason why this legacy investment has always attracted investors. Acres of land were all about extra cash but earlier it was meant for high-worth investors. Through this platform, the experience of investing in commercial real estate is possible and assured. With over 364 crore+ investments and an investor community of over 2.5 lakh who have put their money and faith in this new-age investment opportunity, the platform registers 0.3% defaults. So when are you investing through Grip?

    Want to stay at the top of your finances? 

    Join the community of 2.5 lakh+ investors and learn more about Grip Invest, the latest financial knick-knacks and shenanigans that take place in the world of investing.

    Happy Investing!

    Disclaimer - Investments in debt securities are subject to risks. Read all the offer-related documents carefully. The investor is requested to take into consideration all the risk factors before the commencement of trading. This communication is prepared by Grip Broking Private Limited (bearing SEBI Registration No. INZ000312836 and NSE ID 90319) and/or its affiliate/ group company(ies) (together referred to as “Grip Invest”) and the contents of this disclaimer are applicable to this document and any and all written or oral communication(s) made by Grip Invest or its directors, employees, associates, representatives and agents. This communication does not constitute advice relating to investing or otherwise dealing in securities and is not an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any securities. Grip Invest does not guarantee or assure any return on investments and accepts no liability for the consequences of any actions taken based on the information provided. For more details, please visit 
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