Corporate Bonds Or Gold: Choosing Between Fixed Income And Wealth Creation

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Nov 28, 2023
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    Choosing Between Fixed Income And Wealth Creation

    Investment means more than merely saving money. It is an opportunity to grow your money and not leave it ideal. You put your money into assets that generate returns or appreciate over time. Investment objectives can give you a hand in shaping your financial decisions. They act as a compass and steer you towards your financial goals of growth, income, or a balanced approach. 

    But how do you know if investing in a long-term strategy is viable or if collecting fixed returns will be enough? Choosing the correct investment objective is critical in crafting a personalised strategy. 

    Read the blog to learn the significance of investment objectives regarding fixed-income instruments and wealth creation and how corporate bonds and gold can maximise the potential to reach them.

    Importance Of Defining Investment Objectives

    Setting a clear objective is crucial for investment success. Investment objectives are the guiding principle and help you create an investment strategy that matches your financial goals. It is necessary for many reasons:

    1. Goal Clarity
      Defining investment objectives assists you in identifying specific financial targets and personalising your investment approach accordingly.
    2. Risk Management
      Knowing your objective enables you to assess your risk tolerance accurately. It ensures the selected investment suits your ability to handle market fluctuations.
    3. Decision-Making Framework
      Investment objectives help you stay on the selected course and make relevant adjustments to your portfolio during uncertainty or market volatility.

    Choosing Between Stable, Fixed-Income And Wealth Creation

    Your individual circumstances and financial goals impact your investment objective. Stability is better to preserve capital and generate steady income with low-risk exposure. Meanwhile, wealth creation can be enticing if seeking long investment tenure and significant growth. 

    The following factors can help you decide between stability and potential appreciation as an investment objective:

    1. Financial Goals
      Are you looking for long-term wealth creation, or are you looking for capital preservation, a hedge against inflation, and portfolio diversification.? Your purpose and financial objectives will influence your options and approach.
    2. Returns Expectations 
      Your investment strategy will depend upon your expected return. For example, are you seeking a regular fixed monthly/quarterly/yearly cash inflow to act as a secondary income or lump sum capital gain?
    3. Risk Tolerance
      Evaluate your willingness to tolerate dips in your investment value. For example, ‘stability investments’ accompany lower risk, while ‘potential appreciation’ options have more risk exposure.

    Corporate Bonds And Gold: Analysis

    Corporate bonds and gold are good investment asset classes. However, choosing between one depends entirely on investors’ financial goals. Let us delve deep into their characteristics to help you make an informed decision.   

    Corporate Bonds As A Stability Investment

    Companies issue corporate bonds as debt securities to raise capital from investors. These bonds typically have a fixed rate and defined time to maturity. You receive interest payments and repayment of the principal amount at maturity. Corporate bonds suit risk-averse investors seeking capital preservation and predictable, regular fixed income.


    Multiple features make corporate bonds great debt investment options across the globe. Some common characteristics are as follows:

    1. Regular Payments: Corporate bonds offer a steady source of income through coupon payments with a predictable cash flow at regular intervals.
    2. Lower Volatility: Corporate bonds are relatively less volatile. They can be beneficial for averting risk and seeking stable returns.
    3. Diversification: Corporate bonds are a valuable diversification tool in a portfolio, including equities and other higher-risk assets.

    Gold As A Wealth Creator Instrument

    Gold is a tangible asset with intrinsic value. It is a boon for those seeking diversification and benefitting from capital appreciation for desired wealth creation. Gold is available in multiple investment options. You can invest in digital gold, Gold ETFs, Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB), Gold Mutual Funds, Gold Saving Schemes, and in physical form with options ranging from jewellery, coins and bars.


    Investing in gold presents various unique attributes that make it an attractive asset. For instance,

    1. Safe-Haven Asset: Gold is a valuable asset worldwide. It acts as a hedge against currency fluctuations and inflation. It is a preferred investment option in case of wars and related situations.
    2. Diversification: Investing in gold diversifies risk, as its price movements may not align with the performance of other asset classes.
    3. Long-term Store Of Value: Gold is a traditional store of value, unlike several other asset classes. It does not become worthless due to economic turmoil and retains its purchasing power.
    Historical Performance Of Gold Prices In India

    Comparing Corporate Bonds And Gold For Investment Objectives

    Both corporate bonds and gold hold distinct features and serve different investment purposes. Your investment goals and risk appetite determine who claims a place in your future financial journey. Here is a quick overview of both to help you pick one to attain your investment objectives:

    Corporate Bonds vs Gold

    BondX, the first-of-its-kind alternative investment product, pools together investment-grade rated bonds from a curated set of issuers and provides access to investors at a fractionalised investment amount. It is a diversified, SEBI-compliant, and credit-rated instrument for individual investors.

    The Bottom Line

    Gold remains a considerable asset class for Indians for financial planning. However, long-term perspective and patience are pivotal to successful gold investing, subduing the returns on investment. Also, gold prices rally strongly during uncertain market conditions, and the inverse market can mean flat prices for years. On the other hand, corporate bonds offer attractive risk-adjusted, fixed periodical returns with shorter time to maturity. 

    It is imperative to note that choosing between corporate bonds and gold is dependent on your financial goal and objective. If it is to get regular monthly income, Corporate bonds are a preferred choice, while gold will be a better choice if it is to have a long-term appreciation. Grip Invest presents an easy-to-use online platform to navigate curated corporate bonds for portfolio diversification and beating low returns. 

    Want to stay at the top of your finances? 

    Join the community of 2.5 lakh+ investors and learn more about Grip Invest, the latest financial knick-knacks and shenanigans that take place in the world of investing.

    Happy Investing!

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