Invest in Inventory Finance with Grip

  • Non-Market Linked Returns
  • Earn upto 12% Pre-Tax Yield
Inventory Finance
₹ 30 Cr+
Investment Enabled
₹ 10,000
Minimum Investment
What is Inventory Finance
  • Companies hold inventory of raw materials and finished good as part of their production cycle. Adequate inventories ensure that customers can be serviced even if demand suddenly increases.

  • However, this inventory blocks the capital of the company. Inventory finance allows companies to raise capital against these inventories.

  • On the other hand, for investors, it enables them to earn lucrative returns in a short tenure.

Fixed Deposit
Pre-Tax Yield
Upto 12%
End of Life
Predictable Returns
Security Cover

Partner Curation and Due Diligence

Criteria for evaluating Inventory Finance



Analysis of annual reports and MIS for previous 24-36 months. Identification of any red flags in financials, key contracts, existing lender documents, pending litigations, history of defaults, regulatory concerns, etc.


Asset Quality Review

Ensuring that the asset financed is 'mission critical' or 'core-to-business' and undertaking verification of assets and manufacturer/ vendor


Business Performance

Assessment of partner’s track record, founders/promoters, management team (CXOs), investors, prior or ongoing litigation. Also undertake reference checks with key investors or shareholders, industry peers & competitors, and key customers

How to Invest?

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Complete KYC and investment process


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Receive returns as per pre-determined schedule

Returns per

For fixed income products, receive monthly/ quarterly returns in your bank account

Why invest in Inventory Financing
  • Inventory finance offers a secure investment opportunity, as it is an asset-backed investment. This can reduce the overall risk for investors.
  • Inventory financing is a non-market-linked investment option that can help investors beat market volatility woes. Additionally, it can allow for a great diversification opportunity
  • These are typically short-term, with repayment periods ranging from 1 to 6 months. This makes it an attractive option for investors looking for quicker returns.
  • Inventory finance often provides competitive returns of up to 12% pre-tax yield compared to other investment options, making it an appealing choice for investors.

For your knowledge

Risks Involved

  • There is no market data on the resale value of the assets being financed and in case of default by the lessee, the resale value may not be sufficient to compensate for the loss in rentals. Investment on Grip does not guarantee that an investor will make money, avoid losing capital, or indicate that the investment in risk-free. Grip does not guarantee the returns on any investment
  • Information provided on any opportunity is based on publicly available information and disclosures made by partners. Grip does not independently audit the information provided.

To help you

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the investments structured?

For each investment to purchase and lease an asset, a Specific Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the form of a Limited Liability Partnership is created in which investors contribute their funds.

As an investor, you will become a Partner to this LLP and represent your investment. Your partnership stake in the LLP will represent the amount of investment made by you. We assume responsibility for oversight, reporting, and management of this SPV on behalf of the investors.

The cost associated with managing this SPV is already covered in the Grip fee.
We respect the privacy of each investor on our platform. You will only be able to see the names of other Partners of the SPV once the full investment process is completed. No other details about the Partner will be shared with other investors. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
The lease agreement is available on the ‘Asset Details’ page, before you make an investment. Additionally, investors can access all documents related to an asset in their ‘Portfolio’ section at any given time.
We believe in 100% transparency to build trust with our investors. All documents, lease agreements etc. are available on the Asset details page and will also be available in the portfolio section after investment. Additionally, detailed monthly reports are also made available through the emails and in the Portfolio section.


No, the returns are contractually agreed with the lessee but not guaranteed. All returns mentioned in a deal are projected returns, based on the lease terms agreed with the leasing partner. They are mentioned in the lease agreement and are advised to be read before you decide to invest.
Currently you can not exit investment before the lease term is over. We are working on adding new features that will provide you with early exit options.


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