Invest In A Curated Pool Of Bonds

  • Earn upto 13% Pre-Tax IRR
  • Investment Grade Rated by Tier 1 Credit Rating Agencies
  • SEBI Compliant Structure
₹ 2 Cr+
Investments Enabled
₹ 2,00,000
Minimum Investment
What is BondX
  • BondX is a first-of-its-kind alternative investment product that pools together receivables from investment-grade rated bonds (“Bonds”) issued by curated issuers and offers users fixed periodic returns via a rated, listed, compliant and demat-held instrument at a fractionalized investment amount

  • 80% of Bonds in India are available at a minimum investment amount of INR 10 lakhs and above. BondX makes it possible for investors to access receivables of these same Bonds in multiples of  just ~INR 1 lakh while also providing benefits of greater diversification (at lower ticket sizes), credit rating, and regulatory compliance

  • BondX by Grip does so by allowing you to invest in a curated pool of Bonds; here is an example: Imagine five unique Bonds. Three come with a hefty INR 10 lakh ticket size, while the other two have a more accessible INR 1 lakh ticket size. Buying even one unit each of these Bonds individually would require an investment of INR 32 lakhs. With BondX, you can gain exposure to this curated portfolio of 5 Bonds and achieve the same diversification levels at ticket sizes just ~INR 2-3 lakhs!

  • BondX retains all the existing features of Bonds such as non-market linked fixed returns, attractive risk-reward proposition, rated by tier 1 credit rating agency, listed on NSE or BSE and held in investor’s Demat accounts; with an X factor of securitization: 

    • Diversification across a pool of Bonds and multiple issuers through a single instrument. 
    • Access to Bonds at low ticket sizes, usually not available for retail investors due to high face value
  • Grip's vision is to ensure that individual investors can access the same investment opportunities as these large investors and build healthy, diversified portfolios. In line with this vision, we launched BondX.

Fixed Deposit
End of Life
Predictable Returns
Security Cover

Partner Curation and Due Diligence

How we evaluate BondX investment opportunities


Qualitative Evaluation of the Issuer

For each Bond, key evaluation criteria include: Assessment of the issuer’s track record, founders/promoters background, experience of the management team (CXOs), any prior or ongoing litigation, other filtering criteria include that the issuer should be i


Quantitative Evaluation of the Issuer

For each Bond, key filtering criteria include: Capital adequacy ratio > 25% (10% higher than the regulatory requirement of 15%), Net non-performing assets (NNPA) < 3%, Other factors include evaluation of asset-liability mismatch, concentration of loan boo


Quality of the Underlying Security

For each Bond, key factors include: Security cover of minimum 1.0x of the principal outstanding, Nature of covenants and any embedded options, Last rating time-lag and probability of downgrade/upgrade, etc.

How to Invest?

It’s really simple with Grip

Find Your Deal
Investment Process
Visualize Returns

Explore curated investment opportunities process

your deal

Unique investment opportunities qualified through rigorous due diligence


Complete KYC and investment process


Seamless digital KYC, e-sign and payment experience


Receive returns as per pre-determined schedule

Returns per

For fixed income products, receive monthly/ quarterly returns in your bank account

Why Invest In BondX?
  • Provides access at lower ticket sizes (of INR 2-3 lakhs) to Bond receivables that are usually inaccessible on account of high face values (INR 10 lakhs and above) of the individual bonds
  • Listed on BSE or NSE and issued under the SEBI’s SDI regulations
  • Held in investors’ demat accounts, the fixed monthly/quarterly returns will be paid out from a SEBI-registered trust
  • Unlike debt mutual funds, there is no annual management fees or expense ratio charged on BondX
  • Investment-grade rated instrument providing increased transparency and an easier understanding of risk

For your knowledge

Risks Involved

  • Investment in BondX opportunities is not risk-free. Grip does not guarantee that an investor will make money, avoid losing capital, indicate that the investment is risk-free, or guarantee the returns on any investment.
  • Information provided on any opportunity is based on publicly available information and disclosures made by issuers. Grip does not independently audit the information provided. Please go through the rating rationale and our risk factors.
  • There is no assurance that a secondary market will develop for the opportunity. This could limit the ability of the investor to sell them.

To help you

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BondX?

BondX is an investment opportunity structured as a securitized debt instrument (SDI), a fixed-income instrument issued under SEBI’s regulatory framework. BondX offers SDIs secured by a pool of investment-grade Bond receivables. These SDIs are separately listed and rated by a credit rating agency. Users receive fixed monthly/quarterly payouts in interest and/or principal. For risk mitigation, all cash flows are managed by a SEBI-registered trustee.
BondX is in the form of SDI and is a tradable listed instrument held in dematerialised form, i.e., it offers a similar experience to buying, holding, and selling a Bond. However, Grip cannot guarantee finding a buyer, and the investor could expect to hold the instruments until maturity.
BondX is a SEBI-compliant, rated instrument which an independent, SEBI-registered trustee manages. The returns in BondX originate from a pool of Bonds. The security cover of BondX consists of the security cover of individual underlying Bonds provided by the Issuer.
Only the interest payout is expected to be taxed at the marginal tax rate of the individual investor; no tax should be payable on the principal repayment. Appreciation (if any) of the price of the SDI, in case of sale before the entire tenure, is expected to be considered capital gain and taxed accordingly. Please do not consider this as tax advice. We urge you to speak with your independent tax advisor.

Yes, RBI and SEBI have mandated KYC requirements for the purchase of the PTCs to prevent money laundering activities

No. It is mandated that the funds must be transferred from the bank account held in the name of the investor


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