We Are Making Alternative Investments Mainstream

Nikhil Aggarwal
Nikhil Aggarwal
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Apr 05, 2023
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    Alternative Investments

    I am writing to share a significant change in the investment options offered via Grip’s platform. As always, we are taking this step to provide a more secure, greater variety and a better experience for the discovery of alternative investments.  

    Let’s Begin With Some Reflection…

    Nearly 3 years ago, Grip sourced its first-ever investment opportunity. A small INR 25 lakh leasing deal with a barely known logistics company called Zypp Electric. Fast forward to today, Zypp is India’s largest last-mile EV fleet with 10,000 vehicles, a 30x growth in revenue and just completed a $25 million equity round led by Taiwanese EV giant - Gogoro. 3,200 Grip users who decided to ride on this journey with Zypp earned 20%+ IRR with hundreds of users also deciding to become Zypp shareholders.

    It has been a privilege to enable the discovery of 300+ such investment opportunities via our platform with 130+ incredible companies for you. As a team, we have always prided ourselves on being innovative and pushed the Company to think ahead, for the benefit of our users. This approach led to many firsts:

    • 1st asset-backed leasing discovery platform
      1st commercial real-estate discovery platform at INR 1 lakh
    • 1st to list an alternative investment instrument (SDI) on NSE

    Looking Ahead - Making Alternatives Into Mainstream Investing

    We see an opportunity to take the discovery of alternative investment options to the next level. Over the last 12 months, clarity in the regulatory environment has provided the means to make alternatives mainstream based on the following principles:

    • Transparency of information, risk factors, and fees
    • Opportunity for exit
    • Preference for credit-rated instruments

    We firmly believe that any investment opportunity having these three features will be preferred by individual investors. The introduction of LeaseX on Grip’s platform, an NSE-listed, CRISIL-rated instrument was one such step in this direction. We are now excited to share the next steps we are undertaking.  

    What Changes From 1st April 2023?

    • We will be discontinuing the use of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) for new leasing and inventory finance transactions. All existing deals will continue to be serviced as before with no implications to expected returns. Currently, ongoing leasing and inventory deals available on the platform will continue to remain open for investment
    • Launch of frequent and diverse LeaseX investment options including our first ever CRISIL A+ rated leasing opportunity
    • Leveraging the same principles of listed, rated instruments to begin offering diverse investment opportunities outside of leasing
    • As the Vault returns cannot be utilized for Corporate Bond, LeaseX,  Commercial Property, or Start-up Equity investments, on 3rd April 2023 we will also turn on auto withdrawal for all users who have completed KYC and documentation. Accordingly, our Vault Rewards program will also be brought to a close

    What Remains The Same?

    • Our constant dedication to acting with integrity in enabling the discovery of alternative investment opportunities at small ticket sizes
    • Focus on enabling the discovery of more investment products, especially those with a shorter tenure
    • In addition to LeaseX, our platform continues to offer investment options in Corporate Bonds (via our affiliate entity), Commercial Property, and Start-up Equity
    • No impact on investments in past or ongoing leasing or inventory deals via LLP-based model through our platform

    Thank you for choosing Grip as your preferred platform for exploring alternative investment opportunities!


    Nikhil Aggarwal

    Founder & CEO 

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    Nikhil Aggarwal
    Nikhil Aggarwal
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    We Are Making Alternative Investments Mainstream
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