How An Online CRE Trading Platform Can Give Brokers An Advantage?

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Jan 05, 2023
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    Online CRE Trading Platform For Brokers

    With technology simplifying every business, it has added an interesting direction to commercial real estate investments that were unheard of until yesterday. CRE dashboard brings brokers to online CRE trading platform, offering potential investors:

    • Market listings in high-growth locations
    • Transparency
    • Simplified transactions boosting efficiency

    CRE trading platform helps sellers and shoppers to meet, offering greater insights on metrics, and enabling investors to compare the success of their investment. 

    Even though Commercial Real Estate is a high-value investment, CRE brokers have fragmented property value creating avenues for crowd investments.  Investors can now easily add a CRE investment to their portfolio, not just diversify but also add assets that appreciate with time.

    Why Must You Invest In A Commercial Real Estate?

    Commercial Real Estate offers high flexibility and adds a robust asset to your portfolio. Even though CRE is a high investment option, it also offers high dividends in the future. 

    Here are a few reasons why you must invest in a CRE.

    • Unlike stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds, a Commercial Real Estate investment provides a consistent cash flow. A CRE offers a consistent, stable income because the financial markets are frequently erratic.
    • Commercial Real Estate helps you build substantial equity quickly, helping the CRE owners to avail significantly higher returns with it.
    • Commercial Real Estate offers high leverage as the consumers do not need to pay in full to acquire a CRE. They can acquire the same with a mortgage, or through a down payment.
    • Commercial Real Estate is a safe and secure investment, as both the land and structure have a value that makes it a hard asset. 

    Overall, an online CRE trading platform can help brokers to reach more potential clients, streamline the transaction process, and access valuable data and analytics, ultimately giving them a competitive advantage in the market.

    How Exactly Does A CRE Trading Platform Give Brokers An Advantage?

    A CRE platform has market listings that help buyers in the market they operate in identifying properties, provides transactional transparency, and streamlining transactions by making them simple and quick. Brokers may benefit from using an internet platform for dealing commercial real estate (CRE). Some of them include:

    Increased Exposure

    The most basic function of Commercial Real Estate is its listing capabilities. An online CRE trading platform allows brokers to reach a wider audience of potential buyers and sellers, increasing the chances of making a successful transaction. With a traditional online CRE trading platform, sellers can run ads on the platform, while buyers can search for the best possible options to invest in.

    Improved Efficiency

    An online CRE trading platform allows brokers to easily search for and list properties, as well as communicate with potential buyers and sellers, streamlining the process of finding and completing a transaction. The majority of the online CRE platforms offer basic marketing services to efficiently reach their customers. These services include cold email distribution, advertising add-ons, etc.

    Enhanced Collaboration

    An online CRE trading platform can facilitate collaboration between brokers, allowing them to work together on transactions and share insights and information. Both brokers and buyers can directly contact the sellers, thus making the entire process quick and easy.

    Access To Data & Analytics

    An online CRE trading platform may provide brokers with access to data and analytics tools that can help them understand market trends and make informed decisions about potential transactions.

    Increased Flexibility

    An online CRE trading platform allows brokers to work remotely and on their schedules, providing greater flexibility and convenience. It helps brokers save plenty of working capital as they can close big deals with limited investment in a short time.

    Grip is a top-tier CRE trading platform on the market, with a pre-tax IRR of 12.8% and a total transaction value of over ?2 Crore. Grip partners with leading commercial property platforms to provide investment opportunities. 

    How Does Grip Facilitate Low Ticket Size Commercial Property?

    Equity investment is permitted in Grip's special purpose vehicles (SPVs). The SPV has offices, retail, and warehouse buildings spread across urban areas. These investments in SPVs are made possible by Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), a partner of Grip. By raising the funds separately, AIFs invest in SPVs while assuring investors that the money invested will be used for commercial real estate investments in the SPV holding.

    To Conclude

    Commercial Real Estate (CRE) today is one of the most profitable alternative investments. Because the property rates will only rise over time, investors have long been drawn to this traditional form of investment.

    With Grip, the experience of investing in commercial real estate is possible and assured. With more than 364 crore+ in investments and a community of over 2.5 lakh investors who have staked their financial future on this cutting-edge investment opportunity, the platform records 0% defaults.

    So when are you investing with Grip?

    Grip Invest
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    How An Online CRE Trading Platform Can Give Brokers An Advantage?
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