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Diwali Jackpot
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You can participate in 2 simple steps:


Step 1: Invest in any asset via Grip platform during the Offer Period (14th Oct to 4th Nov 2022).

Step 2: Share your Demat account details for the bonds you have won to be directly credited to your account. You will be prompted to share these details post your investment. You can also share your Demat details using this link

Once you successfully invest during the Offer Period (14th Oct to 4th Nov 2022) you will receive bonds worth (face value) of INR 1,000 in your Demat account within 7 Days. Grip will credit the bonds every Friday for eligible users.

You can check our social media pages every Friday to see if you are the lucky winner of the ? 2,00,000 Grip Diwali Jackpot. Besides, winners will also receive an email from Grip informing them about the same.

You will get 'A' Rated NAVI Finserv Bonds - a leading digital lending NBFC. These bonds offer 9.95 % Yield to Maturity and have 13 months to maturity.

Sadly, if you did not share your Demat details within 7 days of the festive offer closing date you will not qualify for the jackpot or the assured prize. In such a scenario Grip will not be able to offer you any rewards.

Yes, you can invest in any asset on the Grip platform during the offer period to get bonds worth (face value) ?1,000 assured and stand a chance to win the Grip Diwali Jackpot.

The Face Value of the Bonds received by you is ?1,000 and at maturity the face value of ?1,000 will be received by you as your final payout. The current price of the bond may be slightly different from the Face Value depending on market factors. As a holder of the Bond, you are entitled to all interest payouts and the final repayment of the principal i.e. the ?1,000 Face Value.

In case you wish to exit your investment, we will deduct the value of the bonds given to you as a prize before returning your invested amount.