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Co-investment is a method in which several investors come together to pool in money to make an investment. The income or returns generated from this investment is then shared by the investors in proportion to their investment amounts. For example - 3 investors invest Rs 20,000 each to buy a single motorcycle worth Rs 60,000. Each investor will receive 1/3rd i.e. 20,000/60,000 of the returns generated by this motorcycle over the investment period. It can hence be said that each investor has a 1/3rd or 33.3% ownership of the motorcycle i.e. a fractional ownership.

Any individual over the age of 18 years having a valid PAN and Aadhaar card can invest. Investment options provided on Grip offer advantages like 20%+ IRR, pre-agreed rental income and are based on ownership of an asset.

Grip also follows rigorous due diligence and risk mitigation processes before listing investment options. However investors must be aware that the returns are not guaranteed and hence investors' discretion is advised.

Note: If you are a corporate investor, please reach out to us at for making investments.

Yes, it is. However, at this point we would only be able to receive investment amounts from NRO accounts and not NRE accounts. This is because of the different compliance obligations from RBI. In the future, we will be able to receive investments from either account.

It’s really simple, you can just click here to sign-up or sign-in and complete our simple KYC process. Then invest in any available opportunity listed on the Assets page after reviewing the details about the same.

A valid PAN and an Aadhaar card are required.


For NRI investors, Passport is also applicable if Aadhaar card is not available.

Yes, we follow a rigorous due diligence process and we also make sure that the data is available to you when we go live with any opportunity.

As part of our due diligence process, we speak to the leasing partner’s key employees, investors and customers.


We also analyze financial information and conduct site visits to prevent any fraudulent investments. You can see a copy of all this information as well as see a signed copy of the lease term sheet from the leasing partner in the Assets page.