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Grip Vault
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Vault is a virtual bank account service provided to you in partnership with Yes Bank. All of your investments and returns via Grip will now be enabled through the Vault providing you with greater visibility and control over your transactions.

Your Vault account will now:

1.Receive all the returns from your investments via Grip
2.Receive refunds/cancellation amounts from any investment made by you
3.Enable you to add money to the Vault using NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS or UPI or Netbanking
4.Allow you to use the funds available in your Vault for making new investments seamlessly
5.Allow you to instantly withdraw any available funds to your registered bank account


To provide security of your funds, Vault is established as an escrow account by Yes Bank. Without your authorization no funds can be withdrawn and hence there is no chance of misappropriation of your money.

Vault will allow you to make investments and receive returns through a single dedicated account. It will further simplify the process of maintaining transaction records for all your investments and returns via Grip. You will be able to:

1.Receive all the returns/ refunds/ cancellations from your investments via Grip
2.Complete new investments with a single-click using available funds
3.View real-time transaction by transaction history
4.Always be able to instantly withdraw any available funds to your desired bank account


Shortly, you will also be able to set auto reinvestment rules to redeploy your returns in new investments via Grip and compound your returns.

To provide security of your funds, Vault is established as an escrow account by Yes Bank. Escrow accounts are typically non-interest bearing in nature and hence your funds in Vault will not receive any interest.

Currently, we do not provide the option of downloading your Vault statement through the Grip platform. However, we do hear you and are working towards making this feature available soon.

Once you select the asset you want to invest in and enter the amount. You will be provided with an option to choose Vault balance to confirm the investment. In case an investor wants to invest more than their Vault balance, the remaining amount can be invested through Online Payment Gateway

You can add money to your Vault via our online payment gateway partner using Netbanking & UPI. You also have the option to transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS from their registered bank account to their Vault Virtual Account. Check your Virtual Account details here

You can withdraw money to your registered bank account through the Vault’s withdraw section at any time. You can also choose to set an auto-withdraw option whereby your returns will be immediately sent to your registered bank account. On selecting the option to withdraw, your bank account will be credited within 48 hours (except in the case of bank holidays)

Under the Vault section in your account, you have the preference of receiving returns either to their registered bank account or their Vault. You can update the preference at anytime

There is no upper limit to the amount of money that can be transferred to your Vault account

You can switch on the toggle to receive the returns to your registered bank account for future returns. By selecting this option any available funds will be immediately sent to your registered bank account and all future funds will be directly created to your registered bank account.

On receiving a withdrawal request, Vault will initiate a transfer to your registered bank account immediately using NEFT if the transaction amount is less than or equal to INR 10,00,000 and using RTGS if the transaction amount is higher. You can expect the withdrawal to be processed within 24 hours (except in the case of bank holidays)

Currently, the withdrawal limit is set to INR 1,00,000 per day. If you wish to withdraw more than that kindly reach out to us at and we would help you with the same

Yes, a unique virtual account is created for every investor that uses Vault via our banking partner, Yes Bank

No, there are no additional charges for using this feature

Investor can always manually withdraw by using the withdraw feature in the vault page

Currently, the Vault balance cannot be used to make investments in schemes of AIFs.

Since you have opted for pre-tax returns, your returns are being repaid to you on a monthly basis as a salary. You are obligated to declare the same in your ITR and pay the appropriate tax on this income

You are not entitled to any returns other than the cashflow being received by you in the form of salary.

Your capital is showing as nil on account of either of the following factors:

  1. The deal has been successfully closed and hence all expected returns have already been paid out to you in the form of either pre-tax/ post-tax return on a monthly/ periodic basis as projected at the time of investment.
  2. You have withdrawn your investment during the tenure of the deal i.e. pre-closure of investment was made.

If you are a salaried partner i.e. you have opted for pre-tax returns, then the capital and profit returned will be nil since your returns have been received in the form of salary (refer Schedule S for the same).

For investors opting for post-tax, returns over the tenure of the deal are in the form of return of capital plus distribution of profit. The total is represented in your returns schedule. In certain months either return of capital or distribution of profit could be nil.

The profits are distributed when available based on the accounting carried out of the respective LLP’s business. The profit returned is nil in your GID if the books of accounts of the LLP is reporting a loss. This would occur in cases where depreciation along with other expenses is greater than the lease income earned. The accounting for the same is conducted in accordance with Indian GAAP and other applicable laws. In subsequent years as depreciation reduces, the LLP will report a profit.

It is important to note that this is an accounting loss. The LLP continues to generate sufficient cash to meet its expenses and to pay the required return to investors.

Every quarter, Investors will be provided with rewards of 2.75% (annual rate) on their average end of day vault balance depending on certain qualifying criterias

Investors that qualify both the criterias given below, qualify for Vault rewards for the quarter

Investor need to have their Auto Withdrawal turned OFF (atleast for 1 day); and Investor need to have made at least one investment in the quarter.

Formula for vault rewards: (no. of days qualified * rewards rate / 365) * (Avg EOD Vault balance on the qualified days)

  1. No. of days qualified = No. of days between the most recent auto invest off and end of quarter
  2. Avg EOD Vault balance = (SUM of end of day Vault balance)/ (no. of qualified days)

Vault rewards for the previous quarter will be paid on the first business day of the next quarter.

The rewards will be transferred to investor’s Vault account.