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KYC & Signing
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A valid PAN and an Aadhaar card are required. For NRI investors, Passport is also applicable if Aadhaar card is not available.

We give investors three options to eSign their investment agreement. First, eSign at the success page immediately after making an investment by clicking “eSign agreement” button below the congratulations message or second, eSign from the portfolio page by clicking “eSign agreement” in the bottom right of the asset’s investment card or third, eSign from the notifications bell icon in the top right of your asset’s page.

Yes, completing KYC is mandatory to eSign your investment agreement as we pick data from your verified KYC to populate in the investment agreement.

When the deal is live, the investor’s % (read: percentage) share in the LLP and the associated profit sharing ratio cannot be finalized as the total number of investors and total investment size keeps changing. All of the schedules will be complete when we share the MCA approved document to you ~5 weeks after the close of the deal.