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Post Investment
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The process of investment is completed as soon as the asset is fully funded by co-investors. A time frame of 10 days is targeted to ensure that the asset receives complete funding.

Returns start after 30 to 45 days of receiving 100% funding. Returns are typically distributed to investors once a month. However, there may be investment options with different payment cycles. However, this would be mentioned in detail on the ‘Asset Details’ Page.

Your returns will be credited to your registered bank account.

The returns provided to you are on a post-tax basis. Tax deductions on account of depreciation, GST input tax credit etc. are already considered at the SPV creation stage, to design an optimum structure for you.

It is typically between 18-48 months. The leasing term will vary from asset to asset so you can check that on the Asset Page.

Currently you can not exit investment before the lease term is over. We are working on adding new features that will provide you with early exit options.

The responsibility for managing the asset in most cases lies with the leasing partner. In certain cases, our team manages the asset.


You will not be required to be involved in maintaining the asset and we do not anticipate you requiring to incur any additional expenses towards maintenance of the asset.

As a partner you would need to file ITR3 in addition to your current income tax filing. Our aim is to make this filing as smooth for you as possible and we will be incorporating a section on our website where we can provide you all details or even a completed form. However, this is work in progress at our end given that filing would be required only at the end of the financial year. We will keep you updated about the same. We would submit LLP’s ITR5 and would make it available to you for reference.

You will be kept updated on the performance and returns received via monthly reports made available through emails.


You can also log-into the ‘Portfolio’ page to see updated information about your investment.

We take nominee details while registering you on the platform in the process of e-KYC. In a case, when the investor is not available for redeems, the nominee receives the returns.

Since you have opted for pre-tax returns, your returns are being repaid to you on a monthly basis as a salary. You are obligated to declare the same in your ITR and pay the appropriate tax on this income; 

The capital invested will remain intact till the lease concludes and will be treated as per LLP’s books of accounts. The capital will not be repaid to you and will be written off once the lease tenure is completed

You are not entitled to any returns other than the cashflow being received by you in the form of salary

On an annual basis, financials for the respective LLP are prepared. The accounting for the same is conducted in accordance with Indian GAAP and other applicable laws. 

The profits are distributed when available based on this accounting exercise. The profit returned could be nil in your GID if the books of accounts of the LLP is reporting a loss. This would occur in cases where depreciation along with other expenses is greater than the lease income earned. In subsequent years as depreciation reduces, the LLP will report a profit.

If the LLP does record a profit, then the same is distributed among investors in the ratio of their investments in the respective deal

Most of the time it will be monthly. However it may vary from asset to asset and hence you are requested to check the Assets page for specific details.

Grip may delay or cancel funding the purchase of an asset if: 

  1. it foresees a discrepancy in the accuracy of the information provided about the investment opportunity or by you as a user
  2. it is unable to secure the total funding required for the purchase of the asset
  3. proceeds to identify new investors, in case of non-commitment of the initial investors for the proposed purchase of the asset
  4. there is a delay in fund transfer by the investors

In case of cancellation, Grip will notify you of the same on the email address provided by you within 3 business days and refund any money committed by you within 7 business days. No cancellation charges would be levied on the investor by Grip.

Any request for a refund is only applicable before the committed amount has been utilized for the purchase of the assets you had selected. In case you would like to seek a refund, please contact us at and we shall update you on the status of the purchase of the asset. If the asset is yet to be purchased, the committed amount will be refunded to you within 15 business days of your request.