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Pre Investment
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To provide you with maximum flexibility in choosing an investment amount, we aim to keep the minimum investment amount as low as possible.


However, the minimum amount for any investment opportunity is never lower than INR 20,000. This amount varies from asset to asset and you can check the asset’s page for more details.

Most of the time it will be monthly. However it may vary from asset to asset and hence you are requested to check the Assets page for specific details.

If for some reason an asset on our platform doesn't meet its funding target, any funds that have been committed by investors will be reimbursed to their registered bank account within 10 working days with 1% additional amount.

For each investment to purchase and lease an asset, a Specific Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the form of a Limited Liability Partnership is created in which investors contribute their funds.


As an investor, you will become a Partner to this LLP and represent your investment. Your partnership stake in the LLP will represent the amount of investment made by you. We assume responsibility for oversight, reporting, and management of this SPV on behalf of the investors.


The cost associated with managing this SPV is already covered in the Grip fee.