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Feb 24, 2024
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    As you are aware, Grip Invest offers SEBI-regulated high-yielding fixed-income investment options. These include corporate bonds and securitized debt instruments (SDIs). Further, Grip Invest’s integration with the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in Oct’23 made investing in bonds and SDIs as easy as investing in stocks. 

    However, the timing of the stock exchanges, i.e. 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, coincides with regular office hours for most of us. This prompted us to develop the After Market Order (AMO) feature, allowing users to invest 24/7, i.e., even after market hours on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays. 

    What Is An After Market Order?

    An After Market Order, or AMO, is a type of investment order in which investors can place orders for bonds and SDI beyond regular market hours. 

    An After Market Order benefits working professionals who like to carry out their own investment-related research, usually outside regular market hours. Traditional market operations coincide with a regular investor’s working hours. This makes it difficult for them to track and participate actively in the market. An After Market Order eliminates this issue by allowing users to access all deals and place an order around the clock.

    By offering unrestricted access and flexibility, an After Market Order enhances the investment experience, allowing users to invest at their convenience. 

    What Is Changing For You As An Investor?

    No more time restrictions and needing to rush to purchase a bond or SDI while you are at work!

    Now, you can place an order anytime that suits your needs. With Grip Invest’s After Market Order feature, you will get the following benefits: 

    1. Flexibility to place orders in non-market hours at your pace
    2. Pre-booking investments helps avoid missed chances due to oversubscription
    3. Extended research time for due diligence

    How To Place An After Market Order?

    Here’s how After Market Order works:

    1. Timing

    You can place an order 24/7 as follows:

    • During market hours (9 am - 5 pm on weekdays): You can place a market order directly
    • After market hours on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays: You can place an After Market Order 

    2. Order Placement

    To place an After Market Order, you can follow the following steps:

    1. Log into your Grip Invest account.

    2. Explore and select the investment opportunity (bond/SDI) you want to invest in as your preference.

    3. Enter the units you want to buy or sell.

    4. Click on “Place After Market Order (AMO)” to place your confirmed order.

    3. Payment for An After Market Order

    As soon as regular market hours begin at 9 am, you will receive a payment link on your WhatsApp and email ID from the official Grip Invest account. You can directly complete the payment for your confirmed order with one click. 

    4. Order Confirmation

    After completing your payment, you will receive an email confirmation from Grip Invest and NSE. The confirmation will include order details such as the executed price, units, and applicable charges or fees.


    We appreciate the value of your hard-earned money, and growing it through attractive investments should be easy and convenient. In our constant endeavour to give our investors the best investing experience, we have added this much sought-after investing option, After Market Orders. Now, you can buy a bond or SDI at your convenience, even after regular market hours. 

    Interested in exploring more?

    <Place After Market Order (AMO)>

    Want to stay at the top of your finances? 

    Join the community of 2.5 lakh+ investors and learn more about Grip Invest, the latest financial knick-knacks and shenanigans that take place in the world of investing.

    Happy Investing!

    Disclaimer - Investments in debt securities/municipal debt securities/securitised debt instruments are subject to risks including delay and/ or default in payment. Read all the offer related documents carefully. The investor is requested to take into consideration all the risk factors before the commencement of trading.
    This communication is prepared by Grip Broking Private Limited (bearing SEBI Registration No. INZ000312836 and NSE ID 90319) and/or its affiliate/ group company(ies) (together referred to as “Grip”) and the contents of this disclaimer are applicable to this document and any and all written or oral communication(s) made by Grip or its directors, employees, associates, representatives and agents. This communication does not constitute advice relating to investing or otherwise dealing in securities and is not an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any securities. Grip does not guarantee or assure any return on investments and accepts no liability for consequences of any actions taken based on the information provided. For more details, please visit

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