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Can curated portfolio baskets be an alternative to mutual funds?


The most popular investment vehicle globally is perhaps the Mutual Fund. However, investing in Mutual Funds in most cases happens because investors think it is a popular trend. When there are better investment products why just limit investments to mutual funds? Small investors following experienced market experts are no longer limiting their investments to mutual funds. Many are deciding to invest their funds in carefully curated portfolios.

SEBI Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and new-age money managers are democratizing wealth management with curated portfolio baskets adding alternative investments to them. These are values-accretive, low-risk investments. So, while keeping mutual funds, add alternative investments to your curated portfolio basket to beat some of the negatives of mutual funds. 

What is a curated portfolio basket?
Providing a middle ground, professionals manage an investment basket maintaining a similar investment trend. The investments are based on three types of asset allocation -  equity, debt and gold assets. New age-curated portfolio basket creators are adding low-risk alternative investments as a new asset allocation. Let us see why.

Alternative investments are more risk-adjusted

When the comparison is drawn between mutual funds and alternative investments, the latter generates better returns. Take for example short-term, low-investment asset leasing or inventory financing. These can make your portfolio generate steady monthly returns. When you compare the two products with mutual funds, these short-term returns add greater value to the investment.

In 1-36 months you earn up to 12% Pre-Tax IRR and yields.

Diversification is the key

These days, all RIAs are stressing investors to diversify. The wealth holding is reflected in the demat account. More transparent holdings offer greater control for the investors. Mutual funds publish monthly holdings for the investor, however, investors don't always understand the portfolio composition. While on Grip, investors investing in corporate bonds, commercial real estate investments or any other investment offered by the platform can view their diverse investment portfolio status whenever they want. It is fully transparent giving investors more confidence. 

Customise your products

When you approach an RIA, they offer you a selection of potentially high-risk, moderate risk and low-risk products to be included in your basket meeting your unique requirements. The investments are planned to enhance your portfolio. However, high-risk products like shares and mutual funds can rock your investment plans if you are not a savvy investor. Grip's unique investment curates a portfolio balanced on low-risk products based on different ticket sizes and short to long-tenure lock-ins. They will customize your investments in such a way that you receive regular short-term returns while targeting long-term growth from products like startup equity and commercial real estate investments. This multi-asset diversion will help you earn the returns you desire. 

Reach the right investment platform 

With market volatility, low-risk investing makes more sense. Looking for an investment platform that brings innovative products that agree with the times and offer potential growth? Customize your curated portfolio basket with financial returns that work efficiently and with greater transparency. In addition, your investments generate a passive income that adds to your wealth basket. 

Why Grip?  

Grip helps you to think differently about investment portfolio management. We do this by innovating conventional investments and making them interesting and profitable. Each product creates avenues of financial growth in different terms. Performing due diligence, the Grip platform invites those who are willing to expand their portfolio, are open to trying out new products and prefer low-risk steady growth options. If you are looking for the right investment plan, we have it tailor-made for you. Visit Grip today. 


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Published on
December 19, 2022
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