The Best Non-Stock Investments Options In India

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Dec 29, 2022
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    Best Non-Stock Investments Options

    The objective behind investments is to earn high to very high returns quickly with minimal risk of losing the principal. In investment terms high-risk and high return is synonymous, but

    low-risk and high return were paradoxical until alternative investments (AI) made an appearance. 

    AI are non-stock, non-traditional investments that a common investor can choose along with traditional and stock investments. Expanding the investment profile, ensures the money keeps coming from all directions. The Indian investor is getting to know about alternative investments and investing extensively.

    According to SEBI data, total AIF assets year on year increased 38% to ? 6.09-lakh crore till December 2021 over ? 4.42-lakh crore in the last period. This growth is higher than the mutual fund industry which experienced asset growth of 22 per cent to ? 37.91-lakh crore from ? 31.02-lakh crore in the same period. AI investments are grabbing the interest of investors.

    The Attraction to Digitally Innovative Alternatives

    The digitally savvy population is being driven towards innovative and trending digital investments such as cryptocurrencies and commission-free trading. The millennials are the early adopters as technology makes these products transparent, accessible and one that can continue to grow into a superior product. Among the youth, with a greater risk appetite and not fearful of losing funds, these products are in demand.

    Diversify Investments

    The need for creating differential wealth-generating sources that perform differently in this increasingly competitive world is prudent. Those interested in multiple investments are always on the lookout for a combination of markets offering competitive investment options. Investments differ in risk levels and individuals having a high-risk high return appetite can keep equalisers like traditional and non-stock investment alternatives that offer low-risk, high


    Alternative Personalised Experience

    In this fast-paced world, personalised investment experiences go a long way. In

    stock investments, you must be fully educated and knowledgeable to get 'close to expected' returns on your investment. Try adding more personalised investments to your basket. Investment firms make their service transparent by providing analytics reports to clients, understanding preferences and offering investment solutions sensing the customer's requirement with pinpoint accuracy and aligning with the investor's risk profile.


    Broader Opportunities for Long-Term Growth

    Equities have been treated as the most reliable long-term financial growth instruments.

    Having said that, investors for whom equities mean publicly traded equities are missing the vast opportunities lying in budding startup equities. Investing in early-stage companies has a high-risk high reward ratio. But if you can somewhat measure your risk, this alternative equity investment can multiply your funds unlike any other. 

    Turning Profits from Distressed Assets

    Companies are maintaining a low debt profile these days given the easy environment of financing. However, investing in company debt bonds can help the investor gain assured returns as the company finds the value to gain its position with help from the investor funds. If investors can find a platform that converges trusted companies with unsustainable balance sheets and potential investors willing to profit from freeing the company of its debt, this perfectly balanced alternative business model can bring reasonably good returns for the investor. 

    Key takeaway...

    Investment is gaining momentum these days; people are realising that the value of money is

    constantly impacted by the social environment. Hedge funds are a good alternative that can be mixed with the stock market and traditional investments. This investment is based on solving problems with appropriate assets that help achieve desired results. This way they provide mutually integrated outcomes of income, diversification, and enhanced returns. So, if you are inspired by the idea of investing alternatively but unsure of a platform that can lead you to such alternatives, visit Grip. This is a new-age disruptive platform that has given traditional investments an alternative twist. While most of the investments here are not unheard of, the investment model is unique. From short-term to long-term offerings, these investments

    generate low-risk passive income. Sounds interesting? So, grip new alternatives today.

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