8 Best Investment Alternatives In 2022 For Higher Returns

8  Best Alternative Investment Platform 2022

The term "alternative investment" refers to a financial commitment made without using bonds or mutual funds. Continuously offering high returns and superior capital gains, alternative investing platforms are a preferred investment option today.

Though there are many alternative investments today,  Grip introduces some unique low risk products helping you to plan your investment portfolio better. 

8 Best Investment Alternatives In India

1. Diversified Investment Portfolio: A few unique platforms help diversify your investment portfolio and provide a wide range of asset classes, risk profiles, returns, corporate debts, and other options to invest. These platforms further help in risk assessment, ease of investing and secure deals.

2. Corporate Bonds: The platforms enable widespread accessibility of high-end investments. Users have the option to diversify their portfolios in VC funds, private equity, startups, pre-IPO deals and private enterprises.

3. Foreign Stock Investment: While you stay in India, you can still earn dollars. As investment alternatives allow investment in US stocks. This gives you an opportunity to diversify your investments. Using protected encryption for utmost security and a series of highly sensitive and advanced authorized access processes, these are highly secure.

4. Unique items Investment: Items that are rare or unique are expensive and have immense investment potential. Alternative investment through fractional shares of rare goods for sale using web3 and blockchain technology is an investment option worth trying out.

5. Cryptocurrency platforms in India: Owing to their investment, return, and performance, cryptocurrency is still one of the most liked and best alternative investments of 2022. In contrast to flat money, the majority of cryptocurrencies are supported by mathematical methods and have a finite supply. Additionally, because it is not governed by official regulations, the money is protected from inflation.

6. Gold Investment Platform: Since ancient times, gold has represented riches. And it still hasn't lost its appeal as an investment choice that can beat inflation today. What is smarter than a platform that allows you to buy and sell gold? These are usually highly protected investment options that facilitate the storage of gold in a secured vault for a minimum annual maintenance charge.

7. Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform: Investors have the opportunity to buy-sell shares in a wide range of real estate all around the country. This is a simple and secure way to get into the real estate market. However, you must qualify with legit credentials to become an investor and buy into crowdfunding offerings. 

8. Small Saving Schemes Like PPF: The government has introduced many small saving schemes for people who want to invest in highly safe investment options. These schemes offer assured returns to investors with little volatility. But you earn lower returns than market-linked products like NPS, Mutual Funds or stocks

Nevertheless, small savings plans often outperform FDs and inflation by a substantial margin. Investment choices including Public Provident Fund (PPF), Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS), the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme, and the Kisan Vikas Patra are examples of small savings plans for the long term.

The possibility for a huge return is significantly higher here, but there are drawbacks as well, including high minimum buy-ins and occasionally dividends that don't pay for several years.

Secure Your Investment Plan With Grip Invest

To achieve varying rates of return, each of the investment products we have so far reviewed takes on a different level of risk. None of the investment solutions can meet all of your financial demands at once. Thus,  to reach your objectives, you must carefully put together a portfolio of various investment products based on your risk tolerance, time horizon and expected returns.

However, determining your risk profile, the best investment possibilities, the best exit strategy etc. is never simple. To handle these important investing decisions, you need to have ongoing counsel from a professional. 

In addition, the options and varieties are limitless when you choose to invest in the best alternative investment platform GRIP Invest ( ).  This platform offers great diversification, better and higher returns, and has non-market linked assets like leases, inventory, commercial real estate, and start-up equity. Feel free to connect with experts at Grip to grow your portfolio today. 

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December 7, 2022
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